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North Carolina Energy Forum


As Digital Marketing Specialist at Eckel & Vaughan, I managed a state-wide grassroots campaign for my client the American Petroleum Institute.


The campaign involved building the North Carolina Energy Forum, a "network of concerned citizens committed to achieving energy security and holding elected officials accountable in shaping energy policies." Tactics included:


  • The centerpiece of the campaign was the Event Series. Instead of stand-alone rallies, we established a presence at existing family-friendly, non-political events around the state to reach a larger, more diverse coalition of voters. I managed an on-the-ground teams at 10 events across the state and collected 500+ leads. 

  • We utilized social media and an email campaign to promote the event series and engage Energy Forum members throughout the 2012 election season. I developed the strategy and grew the social network following to nearly 3000 followers.

  • I also coordinated video shoots for Vote 4 Energy commercials shot in the Raleigh area to build voter awareness on a national level.

  • After the 2012 election, pro-energy candidates took control of both houses and the governor's seat in North Carolina.


Learn more about the campaign.

Visit the NC Energy Forum Facebook Page.

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